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Richmond Events US Business Panel Research - Employee Engagement Report

The latest Richmond Events' business panel is now available. Please read on for headline findings and to download the full report.

• 81% of the panel feel employee engagement is essential within their organization, with a further 19% feeling it’s nice to have.
• How ‘essential’ remains to be seen however, as only 68% of the panel say their organizations actually measure employee engagement. A further 4% are unsure if they do or not……
• The panel feels that levels of employee engagement are higher within their department than they are for their organization as a whole. For their department 59% have high engagement versus 18% for the wider organization. There’s no real surprise that people feel their department is happier / smarter / more engaged than others but surely by default it means someone somewhere has to be wrong?
• 54% of the panel feel that engagement levels have increased within their organizations over the past 3 years. A similar percentage, 59%, (though not necessarily the same people) expect them to increase over the next 12 months.
• Of the 68% of organizations that measure employee engagement, the highest proportion do so annually, with a further 33% doing so on an ad-hoc basis.
• The most popular measurement tools for employee engagement are questionnaires and staff turnover. Unofficial methods such as word of mouth are also used by many organizations.
• Despite their popularity, only 4% of the panel feel engagement questionnaires completely reflect the true feelings within their organization. 55% feel they do for the most part.
• Only 2% of the panel feel that less than 10% of employees within their organizations are prepared to go that extra mile, though a further 20% feel the figure is slightly higher; between 10%-25%.
• On the flip side only 4% of the panel feel 90%+ of employees will go the extra mile and only 12% believe between 75%-90% will do likewise.
• The majority sit somewhere in between. The average figure is 49% - making analysis much easier; for every person in your organization prepared to go that extra mile, there’s someone who isn’t!
• The two most important factors contributing to employee engagement are a good leadership team and good line management.
• The number one area where the panel feels they need to increase employee engagement levels within their organization is the provision of more career opportunities. Fix that and you fix the problem………… .

Download the full report.

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